Our Girls

We are a small, family run Kennel focusing on QUALITY not quantity


We have searched far and wide to put together a group of females not only with outstanding pedigrees but also with great dispositions and temperaments. Our females receive that all so important one-on-one attention to make sure their dispositions and attitudes are those in which future families will want.  It is not that uncommon to find us and our girls family out working and playing on the farm together.


Belle is retired.

Icon's Got to have Bugatti


Belle is our own Bred by girl so proud of this girl.

Paragon's Pycho Sin

Moby De Legeane

Temple Felson

Chene De Legenane

Rhodonite Renais For Trannus

Emberez Apollo

Rhodonite Rhonda

Heavenly Dogue's Zaire

Heavenlyacre's Bugatti

Bugatti is the bass of our breeding program we are so proud of that.

Belenos De La Tour Gelee

We feel so lucky to have Belenos's daughter and granddaughters in our life.

Dillen Van De Paterhoek

Emberez Apollo

Bintje Van De Paterhoek


Edy Dospilos

Rhapsodie Des Hauts Marizys

Brave heart Tehya


Dorsdorf Davil

Barselona Viggi

Mt Sinai Josephine


Tanakajd Szepe Otilia

Bugatti is retired

Icon's Bugatti's Dot without a Dot